Sunday, August 29, 2010

Central zone neighbourhood dinner on 25 July 2010

RT chairperson, Puan Eileen saying a few words of appreciation

Puan Eileen: Gentlemen, may I have a photo with all of you?

fostering closer rapport with our police

Everyone was having a good time

After this, we need to walk two extra rounds in the padang

Residents, young and old enjoyed the magic show and the balloons

Residents getting ready for Merdeka

Security committee putting up flags in the central padang

Residents and police tying the jalur gemilang to the highest pole in SS20

Residents & Police having a group photo after a job well-done;
just before teh tarik at Na-Na Restaurant

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Disposal of hard rubbish

Dear fellow residents,

Alam Flora has agreed to make extra garbage collection trips on Sat & Sun, 4 and 5 Sep 2010 to collect hard rubbish (big items such as furniture, mattress, TV, etc.) in SS 20 area.

Residents who have big items to get rid of are advised to put them outside their gates early on 4 and 5 Sep 2010.

Thanks to our RT Chairman Puan Eileen Thong for making this arrangement with Alam Flora.

Best regards.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Useful handphone number ....

Dear fellow residents,

RT SS20 has provided a handphone (014-626 1442) to our SS20 police who will be on patrol duty in SS20.
All SS20 residents can call this no to report on anything suspicious.
This arrangement will improve response time. Do keep this no handy in your hand phone.
Remember neighbourhood watch. OBSERVE & REPORT.
Thank you and best regards.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Police Tel Numbers

Dear fellow residents,

Attached is a list of phone numbers of DU police personnel who are directly involved in our community policing programme. Do keep the phone nos handy incase you need to contact them, especially the supervisors.

Thanks and best regards.

for security committee central zone RTSS20

Meeting - 19 Aug 2010

Dear fellow residents,

There will be a meeting on Thu 19 Aug 2010 at 9pm at central padang pondok to brainstorm and identify the needs of the community so that we can put effort to organise suitable activities and to help develop the desired facilities to make this a pleasant neighbourhood to live in. Please join us to contribute your views and ideas.

Thank you and best regards.

for central zone security committee.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Community Update - 12 Aug 2010

The police told us to be wary of a well-dressed man driving a Nissan Sentra (gold or silver).
He goes around breaking into cars and he is an ex-locksmith.
Remember not to leave bags, computer notebooks or any valuables in your car.

The police also advised us to leave our porch lights and back lights on during the night so that any suspicious character lurking around our house will be easily seen by the police or our neighbours.

Next week, we will be discussing on how to spend the annual allocation from our councillor. Do drop by on Thursday night, 19 August 2010, 9 pm at the Central Zone padang to give your suggestions.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Security Update

CCTV from a resident’s house in the southern zone has shown images of a thin Malay man stealing expensive shoes outside the house.
Remember to keep your expensive shoes inside the house.