Saturday, July 25, 2009

3 cars broken into along SS20/10

Three cars parked along SS20/10 near the Damansara Specialist Hospital “second gate” were broken into at around 6:45 pm Saturday, 25 July 2009. All 3 cars had one of their rear windows smashed. The owner of this car said that he had a bag placed on the seat. The bag was taken by the thief (or thieves). We informed the DSH guards to contact the car owners.

Be cautious when turning into SS20/10

This photo taken at 6:55 pm Saturday, 25 July 2009, shows the owner of the car arguing with the motorcyclist regarding the accident.
The motorcyclist had came out from the DSH main gate, rode against the one-way street, and rammed into the car which was making a right turn from SS20/21 into SS20/10.
The motorcyclist claimed that he works at DSH and said that he always turns out from the hospital against the traffic even though he knows it's a one-way street.
The car driver is one of our SS20 residents from the Northern Zone.

There have been too many cases of inconsiderate drivers and motorcyclist driving or riding against the SS20/10 one-way street. The MBPJ, RT and DSH should find a solution to this.

Somebody moved our barrier

Saturday, 25 July 2009, 6:21 pm.
Our barrier drums along SS20/17 were moved.
An Indian motorcyclist wanted to pass through, but on seeing us walking towards the drums decided to turn into the road in front of the shops towards Extra Super Tanker Restaurant.
Following behind were 2 Malay motorcyclists who also turned into SS20/17 but then turned back down onto SS20/10 towards the hospital. We have a feeling that these 2 are the ones who smashed the car windows.
I moved the drums back into place and when I walked by again around 7:15 pm, the drums were moved apart yet again. I suspected that the drums were moved by the two gardeners to go through with their motorcycles. As their motorbikes were parked in front of the bungalow, I photographed their number plate, which they saw me do. By 7:40 pm the drums were moved back into place.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

SS20 Residents Celebrate Wedding of Community Police

Residents welcoming Chief Inspector Thomas

Chief Inspector Thomas giving his endorsement on the gated community project to RT chairperson Puan Eileen Thong

Residents and police gathered for the celebration

Residents happily interacting with the newly weds

SS20 residents getting to know Puan Ida, the new bride

The newly weds, constable Reio & Ida

Constable Reio & his bride Ida cutting wedding cake

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear fellow residents,

Blog. Rukun Tetangga SS20 is chalking up another milestone in launching a blog for central zone. This will serve as an additional tool for sharing of information, ideas and opinions on RT activities and events for residents with internet access. This flyer also serves to inform residents of the blogspot so that more of us can also interact through it. For the launching of the security committee has offered to post an article as follows:


Exploited Weakness. SS20 started its community policing programme and neighbourhood watch campaign almost a year ago. It is timely to reflect on how far we have gone and where we are going in our effort to reduce crime rate in our area. The success of community policing rests on building up close rapport among the community and the local police so that we can complement and support one another in combating crime. Criminals have been able to commit crimes and get away with ease by exploiting the element of surprise and one major weakness of most urban communities, ie, most neighbours do not know each other well enough and they rarely lookout for each other.

Building Rapport. It is obvious that we need to overcome our major weakness in order to have any chance of success in combating crime. Building up rapport among neighbours and with our local police is a sensible priority. It is heartening to note that our weekly fellowship meeting and security briefing by our local police (Thursday 9 pm) at our central padang have been able to act as a catalyst to generate and sustain the enthusiasm of more and more residents to get involved in the community policing programme and neighbourhood watch campaign. The occasional potluck dinner also helped to bring our community, including our local police closer together. Other Rukun Tetangga social activities also contribute greatly towards building rapport among residents, such as the free “xiang gong” exercise held every morning 7am at central padang (SS20/12) led by Sifu Andrew, and line dancing also at central padang (Mon 8pm–10pm for intermediate class at RM25/month, Wed 7.30pm – 8.30pm for beginners at RM20/month). It is assessed that our neighbourhood rapport is reasonably high as can be seen in the generous donations and support given to our gated project and the increasing participation by residents in community activities. With such good neighbourhood rapport, our community is also ready to move beyond security issues onto environmental hygiene issues in order to make our area clean and healthy, befitting a middle class suburb, and not be under constant dengue threat.

Security Concept. No single security measure is 100% effective in preventing crimes. However, each security measure will contribute towards plugging the security gaps and reducing the crime rate. Therefore our security concept encompasses several complementary security measures ranging from individual security awareness to collective effort like neighbourhood watch. Neighbourhood watch is our core activity where every resident can OBSERVE & REPORT anything suspicious to the police. There is minimal extra cost in keeping a good lookout as we go about doing our daily routines. Other measures include regular police patrols, weekly joint police/resident patrols, private security patrols as subscribed by some residents, and recently, our gated project. We noticed there has been a significant reduction of car and motorcycle traffic in our gated central zone. However, residents are cautioned not to be lulled into a false sense of security. Crime can still happen in a gated zone. Residents must continue to be vigilant and practise good neighbourhood watch that have been condensed into its essence as OBSERVE & REPORT.

Feedback. We shall be assessing the effectiveness of our gated zone in combination with all other security measures in place. Possible further measures that may be considered are fenced up back lanes; security lighting for back lanes; CCTV: random police road blocks; etc, etc. Residents are encouraged to give feedback and ideas on old and new security measures with the aim to further reduce the crime rate in our area. Do debate about them with your neighbours and let us hear your reasoning for or against any particular security measure. With more heads brainstorming on security measures to be taken, we are more likely to achieve a happy balance of improving security without making life more difficult for ourselves.

Thank you and best regards.

For Security Committee SS20 Central Zone.

Useful Phone Nos:

Police Station Damansara Utama: 03-77222222, 03-77284379.

Officer Commanding Station Police DU, Chief Inspector Thomas: 012 606 6021.

Deputy OCS Police DU, Sgt Major Jipa: 012 222 4937.

Police In Charge of SS20 area, Sgt Jamil: 017 256 7761.

Police MCC Bukit Aman: 03- 22627555, 03- 22626444.

Rakan Cop: 03- 21159999, 03- 20529999.

Rakan Cop SMS: 32728.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

ss20-crime bulletin .central zone by ylhoe

The Security Barriers consisting of metal drums and barrier poles have all been set up. Majority of the residents welcome the measures taken.

Since the metal drums were put up last month, there has been a marked decrease of m/cycle and other vehicle traffics entering our area. MOST IMPORTANT, there have also been a decrease of snatch thieves and vehicle break-in.

Although the above measures take cannot totally wipe out the criminal actitives, it is IMPORTANT that all residents cooperate fully and keep look-out for suspicious characters and call our friendly Police 03 77222222.

Also, residents who have not attended the EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT MEETING AT 9 PM should try to do so to hear police briefing, patrolling and give feed backs.
Car stickers are still available and those who have not purchased them are advised to do so. It will be easier for the Police and our Security Commitees to recognise Residents vehicles when we conduct random security check at Security Barriers.

Have a SAFE and SECURE LIVING in SS20 central zone.
BY Y. L. Hoe - Member, Security commitee.

Friday, July 3, 2009

New Kid on the Blog - launched on 2 July 09

RT chairperson Puan Eileen launched SS20Central Blog

Residents had a preview of the blog

Residents are concerned over crime updates

Residents listened intently to security update and information sharing